Single Review: Ocean Grove - "Sunny"

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With their new album Flip Phone Fantasy due out in 2020, Australian based modern rockers Ocean Grove have spent 2019 showing off the changes to their lineup (Twiggy Hunter on bass and Dale Tanner taking over full-time as frontman) through buzzworthy singles “JUNKIE$,” “As For The Anthem,” and now, “Sunny” – a straight-ahead anthem built for the summertime season that it is in their homeland, even though we’re in the dead of winter in ours. The simplicity of the verses, which only lean on a catchy guitar and vocals, are crafted with a toe dipped in the grungy side of 90’s alternative rock fusing together with the type of build that most modern pop infused rock uses today - all designed to elevate the punch of the chorus. And that’s just what Ocean Grove does! This is a chorus that kicks the entire song into gear and is clearly built for live audience participation as you can visualize the sea of people jumping up and down in unison with it. Lyrically, “Sunny” explores the anxiety that comes with being stuck in a rut (maybe even depressed) and wanting to do nothing but be alone inside, while internally fighting with yourself to get outside into the real world because deep down it’s the only place you know that you can find your much needed comfort and healing. The thing about Ocean Grove that makes them so intriguing is that you really can’t ever be too sure what you’ll get from them from song to song. Whether they’re dabbling with modern rock, stylings of nu-metal, or a weirdly refreshing sunny, summertime anthem in the middle of our winter, Ocean Grove is kind of like a Kaleidoscope – in that every time you turn it, something new appears.

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