Single Review: Hot Mulligan - "Feal Like Crab"

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Feal Like Crab

No Sleep Records




I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again; ever since The Ramones burst onto the punk rock scene in the late 1970’s, every generation has had a brand of pop-punk to call its own. Despite the flack that the sub-genre sometimes gets, people continue flocking to its catchy, memorable, and relatable songs. For the current generation, look no further then the band Hot Mulligan. The group earned major attention with the release of their 2018 album Pilot – their first with No Sleep Records – and is considered to be the next breakout band of the sub-genre in the same way as Fall Out Boy and New Found Glory were before them. With the release of their new single “Feal Like Crab,” the group gives us our first answer to what comes next. The catchy guitar riff grabs your attention straight out of the gate and instantly pulls you into the song and gets you bopping along with it. Lyrically, this is all about looking in the mirror and realizing where you’re at in life – the first task of the 12-step program. In the case of this song, it’s not terribly uplifting but it rarely is when you face your own demons; “I’ll die old and faceless,” “There’s nothing I could offer anyway,” “I let it set in, I’ll be forgotten.” Lead vocalist Tades Sanville is the true star to making these lyrics work. Though his vocals are pretty clean, there’s just enough raw anxiety in them to give these honest lyrics a deeper emotional tug for the listener who needs to hear them. There’s a connectability for today’s generation with a lyric like this, and when you combine that factor with the staples that make pop-punk such a welcoming sub-genre, then there’s no reason not to believe that “Feal Like Crab” is only the introduction of the next big chapter for Hot Mulligan.

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