Single Review: The Jab - "Riot"

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Medicine/The Orchard




I just re-watched Almost Famous last weekend and it reminded me how good rock music could be and how difficult it’s been to turn on the radio over the past few years, only to be met with over-produced pop songs that claimed to be rock. Thankfully, there’s been a recent re-emergence at radio with Greta Van Fleet, Rival Sons, Dirty Honey, and even The Black Crowes, who have reunited for a tour to celebrate Shake Your Money Maker. Truth bomb, I live in Nashville, so if I’m not jamming out to some punk rock music, then I’m most likely tuned into Southern Rock; anything from Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers, to its modern kissed version with bands like A Thousand Horses. Somewhere between my two preferred styles sits Chicago based band The Jab and their new single “Riot,” taken from their forthcoming album Consume (due out 2/4/2020). Lyrically, front man Jam Alker touches on a subject he knows all too well; overcoming addiction. He uses this song as a challenge to speak to those dealing with addictions and depression, not to call them out for it, but rather to be an understanding voice that knows a healthy way out and is questioning why stay in the trenches of it. Musically, though, the slick guitar riff pulls you into the song the same way that those opening riffs of “Twice As Hard” did the moment that you hit play on the aforementioned Black Crowes album Shake Your Money Maker and you just knew you were in for something special. ”Riot” is everything I love in a song: it’s dirty, it’s swampy, it’s gritty, and it’s a song that’s as much about delivering a poignant message in the lyrics as it is in giving you a groove that makes you sway along. Most importantly, it gets my Southern rock heart beating a little faster, and two months suddenly seems like a very long time to wait for the whole album to release.

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