Single Review: Eat Defeat - "Wake Up"

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Wake Up

Bearded Punk Records
Umlaut Records



Every so often we discover a band because we’re in the right place at the right time; in the case of Eat Defeat, they came to our attention through our twitter feed because one of our followers retweeted them. The Leeds UK based group who claims to be “too pop for punk, too punk for pop punk,” has been releasing music since 2012, recently toured the US, and with their new song “Wake Up,” have given us their first new music since 2018’s I Think We’ll Be Okay. The catchy guitar riffs through the intro of the song come straight out of the pop-punk playbook as they instantly get you jumping along with them. The music then dips to the background during the opening lines of the song to allow the vocals to set the tone as he sings, “I told myself not to quit and now I’ll never hear the end of it.” The energetic guitars and rhythm section kick back in as the song pushes ahead, but when you dig down into the lyrics, you’ll find that this is a tune all about a battle with yourself and the struggle to find your motivation; “I’ve been sleeping through every alarm I set,” “I’m searching but I can’t find the remedy,” “I’m overthinking again,” etc. However, the bridge of the song takes a positive turn that sees the narrator/singer understanding that you can’t make it through these tough times alone as he leans on a friend/loved one, singing more hopeful lines such as, “I couldn’t do this without you” and “I can stop myself from falling apart, but I hope that you can, and I hope that you will.” The guitars are very catchy, the breakdowns masterfully allow each individual part of Eat Defeat to shine, the chorus makes you sway along, and the vocal know-how gives the injection of honesty to the super relatable lyrics that sing directly to the person going through something (and who isn’t?). If “Wake Up” is only the opening to the next chapter of Eat Defeat, then I can’t wait to see what comes next from them – but for now, it’s time to go hit that repeat button for about the 9th time on this tune!

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