Single Review: Soy Milk Boy - "Puke"

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Finding the local underground rock scene has become like finding a needle in a haystack. But if you dig around your town long enough, make the right connections along the way, and are 100% open minded, you’ll discover some great bands in your own backyard – such as in Nashville (our own backyard) with Soy Milk Boy. Self-described as falling somewhere between alternative, grunge, and indie punk, the group first surfaced in 2018 with “Where’s the Leak, Ma’am” and “Bruise,” and have recently returned with their latest single “Puke.” With a solid belch opening the song, you instantly know you’re in for something a little outside of the norm and far left of the current mainstream dial. The instrumentation that pulls you in begs to be compared to L7, but it’s Caroline Williams know how with her voice that sells the lyrics as she sings of the frustrations that come with everyone checking in on her when she’s already told them that she’s fine. Where the songwriting gets clever, is that it never states what’s happened that has made everyone become concerned for her, which allows you to insert your own situation into this. As the song progresses, it’s more apparent that she’s actually not doing fine as she reveals on lines such as, “I gave up on being pretty yesterday,” “I can’t sleep, I eat trash, I’ll choke, and I’ll die” and “I forgot how to pray and I’m too tired to try.” Though the conflict never really resolves, we do see Williams facing the mirror when she sings in the bridge (presumably to herself) to “suck it up!” It can easily be argued that Soy Milk Boy would have fit snuggly within the 90’s explosion alongside artists such as Liz Phair, Luscious Jackson, Sonic Youth, and the aforementioned L7. However, as much as that’s true, this song never sounds dated or out of touch, but instead pulls perfectly from those influences and meshes them together with their modern kissed sound to give us something exciting in the here and now.

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