Single Review: Spanish Love Songs - "Kick"

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There’s a lot of great bands flying under the radar the past couple of years, and among those is Los Angeles based Spanish Love Songs - who since 2015’s Giant Sings the Blues have continuously released solid music that’s always showcased incredible growth. With their latest single “Kick,” the first from their forthcoming third album Brave Faces Everyone (due out on 2/27/20), Spanish Love Songs has once again shown us an incredible growth spurt between releases. With each instrument hitting on all cylinders, you’re dragged into a song that teeters against the pop punk feel of the early 2000’s groups such as Saves The Day (Stay What You Are era), in that it quickly first grabs you with a catchy melody. However, it’s the lyrics and heartfelt honesty of the emotionally charged vocal that holds you in the song. This is simply about a good friend being there for someone he cares about who is going through a tough time, while also offering them a much-needed, non-judgmental support system. Lines such as, “when you saw your dad shoot up for the first time, it must’ve come as quite a shock,” “your older brother fled the country,” and “mom won’t even come around these days,” shows that there’s a perfect understanding of what the person is going through because of the choices that others around him have made. We later find out that the person who is struggling is battling addictions and self-medicating, but where Spanish Love Songs flips the direction this could have taken, is with their ultra-positive, “take small steps” encouragement throughout the choruses, “Claim you’re a hero if you could make it off the couch,” “just keep your head down and you’ll be okay,” etc. Truth is, we all struggle with our own issues from time to time and this is the type of encouragement we need, though we seldom get. “Kick” is the type of song that can reach out to those who are hurting and provide comforting advice, and for Spanish Love Songs, it’s the perfect choice for the song to get us excited for what still lies ahead!

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