Single Review: Point North feat. Kellin Quinn - "Into The Dark"

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Into The Dark

Hopeless Records



There are so many current bands that fall into the “punk rock” category who lean way too far into the pop side of music with processed beats, etc. With “Heartbeat,” their debut single with Hopeless Records, Point North did rely on some pop elements to enhance specific moments of the song, but never went so far across the genre line that they lost sight of who they were as a band. In similar fashion, they masterfully do that same thing with their brand new single “Into The Dark” – a song which features a guest spot from their recent tour mate Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens. Great guitars which lean on a heavier drive pull you through the intro of the song, perfectly elevating the vibe to the exact place it needs to be when they smash together with the lyrics when they kick in. The lyrics sing of the confusions that come in the wake of a breakup while trying to be strong, and yet, going quietly mad in the middle of dealing with all your conflicting emotions; from not wanting to face things with lines such as, “Don’t want to say I’m scared,” to convincing yourself that you’ve overcome being replaced with “Like a phoenix I rise from the ashes,” and eventually just wanting to give up, “Feeling like I wanna give up, think I got a problem now.” The juxtaposition between the distinct voices of Quinn and Jon Lundin adds a dimension to this song that changes the dynamic and structure of the verses, providing a very innovative listen as the normal formulas are abandoned in lieu of something that is scripted way outside of the box. “Heartbeat” was a great release this past fall to get our ears peaked towards Point North and make us pay more attention, but “Into The Dark” has left us clamoring for a forthcoming album. This is the perfect marriage of great lyrics, stellar vocals, and outstanding guitar work, with perfect, subtle touches of the modern era to potentially give this crossover appeal.

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