Single Review: Go For Gold - "Let Me Go"

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Let Me Go

InVogue Records




Every so often a song comes out of nowhere and unexpectedly hits you in all the right ways; a song like “Let Me Go” from modern pop-punk group Go For Gold. The new single is the first release for the group since signing with InVogue Records and brings the intensity, anger, frustration, and underlying relief that should come with any song that focuses on the bitter end of a relationship. The slick guitars through the intro are masterfully put in place to initially grab your attention as they drag you straight into the pulse of the rhythm and pounding drumbeat and push you headfirst into the opening verse of the song, where lead vocalist Spencer Vinson adds all the right amounts of piss and vinegar that the lyrics so desperately call for. Where the verses pound right through you with intensity, the chorus gives this song a catchy twist that’ll have you jumping along with it as you scream along, “passed out in another bed, fell asleep with one of your friends, told her to keep it low…” There are moments in the lyrics where the truth surfaces through his begging of her to “let me go” – for example on lines such as, “we know we’ve both seen better days, fake smiles to cover up the way you said you’d never feel the same” and “we both made our mistakes, covered out tongues with a bitter taste.” Beneath the lyrics is incredible instrumentation that adds exciting new dynamics to the song, especially in spots like when the bridge comes in and they quickly dip to a softer style momentarily to allow the vocals to sit solely in the forefront and capture all the right emotions. Though Go For Gold has been around since before they released their debut full-length Daydreamer early last year (2019), I’ve still got to ask, where has Go For Gold been? If “Let Me Go” is any indication of what to expect from them going forward, then it’s safe to say we won’t be asking that question anymore because they are about to arrive!

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