Single Review: Soraia - "Dangerous"

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Any band worth their salt is going to expand their music into some territories they haven’t charted before with each new album they release. A great band, however, is going to figure out how to accomplish this without alienating their signature sound, so to intrigue their core fan base without driving them away while still attracting new listeners. That’s exactly what Soraia has accomplished with “Dangerous,” the first look at their forthcoming album Dig Your Roots (releasing 3/13/20 through Steven Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records). Building on what they did with their last album Dead Reckoning, they lean on slight touches of influence from an early 2000’s garage/indie rock sound as the guitar riffs suck you into what is otherwise a straight-ahead rock tune that mixes the best parts of rowdy, 90’s alternative with pieces of Joan Jett brash and bar swilling rock. However, it’s frontwoman ZouZou Mansour who pulls you into the song with her vocal prowess. She perfectly captures the lyrics as she frustratingly sings of a dangerous charmer - the guy who is, perhaps, a bad boy underneath the surface that she knows is no good for her - being able to break down her metaphoric walls and as much as she tries to fight it, she’s intoxicated by him; “it don’t make no difference what you do, I’m stuck in it and can’t get out,” “I tell myself I’m not in love,” “I can’t get you out of my head,” etc. Though this song never really resolves, in that it doesn’t say if they end up together or what have you, it doesn’t really need to, either. This is a song about capturing the anxious feeling you experience when you know everything you fought so hard to build up to help move yourself forward is crumbling down and there’s nothing you can do about it. Where most songs tend to speak directly to the teenage audience, “Dangerous” refreshingly speaks more to the 30-something that’s been through some stuff relationship wise. This a perfect choice for the first look at what’s still to come from Soraia in the very near future as it draws you in, connects with you, and leaves you wanting more!

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