Single Review: Julia Bhatt - "I'm Cool"

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I'm Cool

Independent Release




The pop genre is one of toughest to find your footing in. On one hand, there’s unwritten rules that say you need to fit a certain mold with your style. On the other hand, there’s droves of people who will pass on your tunes and say they sound just like everything else when you do fit the mold. The good news for Julia Bhatt – there’s no classifying her music and to say she is only a pop artist is a tremendous disservice to her. She’s shown us with her previous singles “Marco” and “Tall” that there’s no proverbial box to stick her music into, and that’s something she gives us again with “I’m Cool” – her brand new single, and perhaps her strongest one to date. The catchy melody drags you into the song, keeps you bopping along with the heavy bass line, and grooving right along with her genre-bending style that pulls together dashes of pop and R&B, with touches of dance flare and flavors of Bossa nova. The idea of the lyrics is simple; it’s okay to break down if you need to. Looking from a more complex angle at them, though, it’s an uplifting lyric that gives you the BIG thumbs up to go ahead and cry, get frustrated, and be vulnerable if that’s what you need to do, but more importantly, it champions you understanding that by doing any of these things, you aren’t any less “cool.” What sets Julia Bhatt apart is her unique vocals, and producer Elliot Jacobson has perfectly captured them on this song as she slides back and forth between an in your face confidence and a lazy, timid drawl that gives off the feeling that she’s honestly gone through the exact emotions she’s singing about. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a fan of pop infused music at all, but with Julia Bhatt there’s just that touch of something perfect that makes me not able to get enough. (Photo credit: Shervin Lainez)

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