Single Review: Spanish Love Songs - "Losers 2"

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Losers 2

Pure Noise Records




It’s funny how when you get older you start to realize that maybe your parents were right. How many of us couldn’t wait to grow up and be adults? And stop me if you’ve heard this before in response to that – “Stay young as long as you can. These are the best days of your life!” In its own way, this is exactly what Spanish Love Songs brand-new single “Losers 2” explores, as they look at the world crumbling around them from the young adult perspective and feeling helplessly trapped within in it as it does. From the opening verse where they paint the picture of staring at the childhood home your family lost when they could no longer afford it, to the realness of having to work a third job just to get by, Spanish Love Songs exposes the depressing truths about what it’s like for so many people in this day and age. Leaning against the moodiness of the instrumentation within their signature post-hardcore/emo style allows the gravelly rasp of lead singer Dylan Slocum’s voice to add the right touch of anxiety to the lyrics and helps bring this song to another level when he drives extra frustration into the chorus as he sings, “don’t you know that you’re gonna do yourself in and you’ll always wake up tired.” The hopeless feeling of being stuck leads to the daydream like idea of where he wants to go; “a place of my own where the fuckups aren’t cops patrolling neighborhoods, they’re afraid of.” There’s the old saying that the truth hurts, and “Losers 2” dives right into the middle of the truth and the struggles that most of us face and unapologetically tells it how it is – the good, the bad, and the ugly! Perhaps more importantly for them, though, “Losers 2” is the second intriguing single in a row (following “Kick” earlier this month) and more then does the trick to peaking our interest that much more for the forthcoming release of their new album Brave Faces Everyone.

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