Single Review: The Suicide Machines - "Awkward Always"

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Awkward Always

Fat Wreck Chords



The Suicide Machines have shown us their many different layers over the years, from the hardcore infused “War Profiteering Is Killing Us All,” to the radio friendly pop vibes of “Sometimes I Don’t Mind.” But there’s no argument about it; while all their layers give us good, solid music, The Suicide Machines are at their very best when they give us their brand of punk-ska: “No Face,” “Did You Ever Get A Feeling A Dread,” “High Anxiety,” “Give,” and the list goes on and on. With their brand-new single “Awkward Always,” their first new music since reuniting in 2009 and the first glimpse they’re giving us into their forthcoming album Revolution Spring (out March 27 via Fat Wreck Chords), they tap directly into what they do best and deliver a shot of nostalgia while also tweaking this in all the perfect places to relevantly fit in today’s scene! Lead singer Jason Navarro doesn’t shy away from the fact that they’ve gotten older (haven’t we all) as he sings about how he’s not feeling like he’s changed from his youth, but also realizing how he’s having a hard time communicating and not being able to relate with today’s generation. There’s some waxing nostalgic in the lyrics as they look back to the nights that they could stay up drinking until sunrise, the big dreams they had back then, etc. Since coming out of the gate with Destruction By Definition in 1996, The Suicide Machines have been a steady force within the modern punk rock movement. There’s been some risks taken over the years, playing around with different takes on their style, but there really hasn’t been any missteps for The Suicide Machines. “Awkward Age” sees them continuing that trend by giving us a song that is exactly what you want from them. More importantly, they’ve given us a song that has us thinking that two months seems like a terribly long time to wait for the new album because if this is the indication of things to come with it, then we want it now!

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