Single Review: The Jab - "Dank Mississippi"

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Dank Mississippi

Medicine/The Orchard




Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to take a trip to the deep south? To go to the types of places where you get down in the thick of it, do a whole lot of soul searching, and discover who you are and what you need in order to move forward into you next chapter. This is the journey that Chicago based rockers The Jab take you on with their new-single “Dank Mississippi - the second release from their forthcoming album Consume. The harmonica laced intro wraps around guitars that bring you the swampiness that a song like this needs in order to enhance the lyrics that sing of being baptized in the muddy Mississippi River to find saving; “hold my head in the river, make me shiver, then they deliver me,” “give it to me slowly, let the holy water hit me,” “it’s gonna carry me to the light,” etc. By never really stating what exactly it is that our narrator needs saving from, this cleverly allows the listener to dig into their own souls and connect their own personal reasons to it. Beneath the lyrics, sits a gritty vibe that’s full of memorable guitar riffs and rhythms that fuse together pieces of the blues with touches of edgier country, a pure rock sound, and the heart of the classic Southern rock stylings. Whereas their previously released single “Riot” acted as a bold challenge to those dealing with addictions and their own personal struggles, “Dank Mississippi” offers some inside knowledge into what the next step toward overcoming those internal battles may be; a saving grace! This is a perfect follow-up as it gives The Jab a 1-2 punch out of the gate with songs, which when played back-to-back, sing like the chapters of a story.

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