Single Review: Eliza & The Delusionals - "Pull Apart Heart"

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Pull Apart Heart

The Orchard/Cooking Vinyl



Cracking the US market is no easy task for any newer band, but it’s something that Eliza & The Delusions have made look relatively easy. The Australian based group debuted in the US with their single “Just Exist” and quickly reached the top of the Sirius XM’s Alt Nation chart. On the heels of that success, the group has just announced that on March 20, 2020 they’ll be releasing their brand new EP A State of Living In A Objective Reality, and have given us a second look at what to expect from it with their new single “Pull Apart Heart.” Whereas “Just Exist” gave us a middle of the road, modern tinged indie rocker, “Pull Apart Heart” comes out swinging with upbeat, catchy guitars and a simple rhythm that instantly connects you into the mid-90’s alternative kissed song. But amid this intoxicating instrumentation sits the true gem in frontwoman Eliza Klatt’s vocals and her abilities to wrap all the proper emotions into each and every line of the lyrics; in this case, a lyric that focuses on the internal breakdown that comes after a relationship falls apart. Klatt sings of the up and downs of her confusing emotions with lines such as, “pick a part the pieces of my mind, and in the morning I’ll tell you that I’m fine,” and touches on the different things we do to try and deal what we’re feeling such as when she sings of getting in the shower to cry; essentially finding a hiding spot so no one sees her without her brave face on. In the middle of it all, though, we do see some hope wrapped within the lyric as we roll into the second verse and she boldly declares, “like the seasons I know that I can change, a little different but mostly the same.” Leaning against a refreshing mid-90’s alternative sound that lays heavier on their rock edge, “Pull Apart Heart” gives us a bit of a different side than what we got with “Just Exist,” while still retaining all the captivating signatures that catapulted them to buzzworthy band.

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