Single Review: Gina Fritz (ft. Whitney Peyton) - "Remedy"

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Some will recognize the name Gina Fritz as one half of the hip-hop duo Keyed Up. Others are going to remember the name from her time spent in the pop-punk band Light It Up. But everyone, no matter which side of her music is your preferred choice, is going to soon be associating her name with her brand-new solo single, “Remedy.” Mostly reminiscent of her pop-punk background, this song is the pure spite and anger that comes with the realization that you’re being used by someone who’s disguising their need of you, whenever they want something from you, as love. The rollicking track bends modern alternative into punk rock grit with a catchy melody that relies on great guitars, which carefully, though, never overpower Fritz and the emotions wrapped within her vocals. Several times throughout the song, Fritz uses very clear lines in the lyrics to showcase her distant feelings; “I feel this emptiness,” “your whisper sounds so strange, I think I’ve gone insane,” “a thousand ways to give up, you give no reason to stay,” and “I’ve known this pleasure from pain, when feelings start to decay.” Whereas the chorus exposes more layers of the truth and draws the line in the sand when she sings out, “I won’t be your remedy,” the bridge offers an unexpected rap from Whitney Peyton (of Keyed Up) that changes the entire song as it delivers an extra punch to the story with the very straight and to the point line, “you only want me when you need me.” With so many artists that come and go these days, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Unless, of course, you can find the right formula to deliver something raw, real, and honest that pulls out your emotions in such a way that your story relates with that of the listener. Gina Fritz has found all the perfect ingredients to pull that task off with “Remedy” and has left us wondering what other tricks she still has up her sleeve that she has yet to reveal.

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