Single Review: Wave Break - "Out Of Breath"

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Out of Breath

Independently Released




New Jersey’s always been a hot bed for great pop-punk/emo music with bands such as Thursday, Saves The Day, Midtown, Armor For Sleep, etc. all calling the Garden State home. Next in that long line of great music is Wave Break, who with their brand-new single “Out of Breath” are poised and focused to take what they started with their debut EP Armory in 2018 and bring it all to new heights by driving ahead through the challenges they’ve gone through as a group since its release. It’s one thing to be able to write emotionally charged lyrics, but it’s a whole other circumstance to be able to find the perfect music to surround them so that each word is enhanced. That’s exactly what happens on “Out of Breath,” though, as the simple pulse of the guitars provides the quietness that the words need through the opening verse, before kicking in with the rhythm section to build frantically to the chorus where you get a drive that immediately has your fist-pumping in the air. Lyrically, the other side of the equation to making this song so good, the group is completely transparent as they tackle the desperate confusions that happen when something you pour 100% your heart into comes to an abrupt halt that’s completely out of your control – in the case of Wave Break, the band slowing down with each passing lineup change they’ve faced over the past year and a half. However, where Wave Break shines most is in the cleverness of how the lyrics are worded, in that while they’re super honest for them, it’s all said in such a way that anyone listening can relate it to their own break-up, being let down by someone you trusted, etc. Pulling from the influences of their own backyard, Wave Break gives us a refreshing style that smashes together the best aspects of pop-punk and emo with splashes of 90’s alternative, all while allowing the raw emotion of what they’ve personally dealt with to shine through the vocals and lyrics on “Out Of Breath.”

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