Single Review: Palomino Blond - "Damage"

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Miami is certainly not recognized for their rock music scene; just one look at the recent Super Bowl halftime show will tell you that! However, just because it isn’t recognized doesn’t mean that it’s not prevalent. Two of the best of the underground scene in Miami are Las Nubes and Palomino Blond - and count us as lucky because they’re combining efforts to release a brand-new, split EP this March (2020). Palomino Blond has given us our first taste of what’s to come from their side of the split with the release of their new song “Damage.” The two-and-a-half-minute song perfectly captures the garage rock, punk kissed fusion that’s become their signature sound as it leans on a certain degree of grungy edginess. Lead vocalist Carli Acosta tugs us through a lyric that is as freeing as it is anxious, singing lines that signal she’s reached that emotional point when you know it’s over (presumably a relationship) and there’s no getting back what you once had; “the damage is already done,” “we cannot come back from this,” “promises are made to be broken,” or “who knew it’s be so hard to tell you the truth.” Tucked behind Acosta’s vocal ability to add all the right amounts of piss and vinegar and still capture the vulnerability of the lyrics, sits a punch in the drums that rattles you to the core and fuzzy guitars that gives this an ultra-cool, raw underground vibe that wraps around layers of great riffs that demand your attention. Cutting right to the chase – this song totally rips and is everything a song of this nature should be. It’s energetic, honest, fueled with frustration, and delivers all the right emotions to suck in the listener who has no doubt been in this very position in their own lives a time or two. If this is the indication of what the forthcoming split holds, then perhaps it’s time for Miami’s rock scene to start becoming much more well-recognized.

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