Single Review: New Found Glory - "Greatest Of All Time"

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Greatest Of All Time

Hopeless Records




In the early 2000’s, New Found Glory was at the height of their game as they battled for pop-punk supremacy with the likes of Blink 182, Fenix TX, Saves The Day, and more; a battle that you could easily argue they won thanks to smash hits such as “Hit Or Miss,” “My Friends Over You,” and “All Downhill From Here.” The group has stayed relevant amongst the pop-punk underground with solid releases over the years that have seen them experimenting with their sound and stretching their boundaries, but with their new single “Greatest of All Time,” the first glimpse into their 10th studio album Forever + Ever x Infinity, we get the band returning to their original pop-punk form that combines in elements of melodic punk and hardcore tendencies. Jordan Pundik’s unmistakable voice tugs you through a simple, easy to understand lyric of the struggles and anxiety that comes with love and relationships, giving us lines such as “I called you last night, were you asleep or did you let it ring avoiding me?,” “I know you’re scared and so am I, but I think that’s a sign we’re worth a try,” etc. In true NFG fashion, while the verses lean on the heavier, the poppier chorus instantly makes you sing along with it as they use the clever comparison of  being the best team to that of the ’96 Chicago Bulls. As the old saying goes, what once was old becomes new again and that’s exactly what we have here. We’ve gotten very deep and way too serious in everything we do, including our music, which makes now the perfect time for pop-punk to re-emerge with a smooth sound that’s easy to digest with lyrics that speak to the listener in such a simple way that we don’t have to try and dissect them. “Greatest Of All Time” sounds exactly what New Found Glory has always sounded like, but because it’s the perfect timing, it’s refreshing and does the trick to getting us amped for the new album.

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