Single Review: Chief State - "Reprise"

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With their previously released single “Deciduous,” Chief State not only created a buzz for their forthcoming album Tough Love (due out March 27, 2020), but they also showcased that their brand of pop-punk is written very cleverly from a deeper perspective. Likewise, their follow-up single “Reprise” packs a similar punch. Leaning on an old-school inspired melodic punk sound, they push you through the opening verse with a frantic pounding that matches the frustration of the lyrics as they sing of allowing yourself to get stuck in the vicious cycle of a toxic relationship. He talks out his thoughts, perhaps trying to convince himself of what he already knows he needs to be doing instead of staying in the vicious cycle and how his should I stay or should I go mentality is affecting him emotionally; “I should be pushing you away,” “I’m over always reconciling and compromising, “I feel sicker every day, but it gets better when I’m away,” etc. The second verse showcases the groups strong songwriting abilities in that they craft something that doesn’t necessarily follow the same old verse-chorus-verse trend, as the melody shifts into a smoother more pop-punk style; just as with the opening verse, this style mirrors the lyrics as they move towards a clearer realization that he needs to walk away. The catchy chorus is an extra bonus that makes this song a perfect anthem for a live audience to grab hold of and scream along with. Whereas many songs of this lyrical nature never really resolve and leave things wide open, this one is different in that it showcases that it’s okay to walk away and move on, even though as they sing, “you’re always going to occupy this space.” “Reprise” is another very cleverly written gem from Chief State that smashes together the perfect blend of old school punk rock stylings with today’s modern flashes, and more than does the trick to furthering our anticipation for their upcoming release.

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