Single Review: Stand Atlantic - "Shh!"

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Hopeless Records




Stand Atlantic jumped out of our speakers and made us listen when they released their ultra-catchy, pop-punk driven single “Hate Me (Sometimes)” in the fall of last year (2019). They now return with their brand-new single “Shh!” and give us our second look at their forthcoming Hopeless Records release. Whereas they previously showed us their pop-punk driven sound, this song gives us a vastly different feel that leans deeper into the pop side of their pure modern rock style. The opening verse bounces along a rhythm and beat that falls somewhere between modern pop and today’s alternative rock, and I’m not going to lie, it’s a beat and style that would have taken some getting used to had it not masterfully allowed the rawness of Bonnie Fraser’s vocal to suck me into it. However, when you hit the chorus, it’s surrounded by their signature catchiness and Fraser moves her voice to a range that has her teetering on hints of frustrated screaming to perfectly suit the lyric. The second verse picks up the speed in it’s rhythm and changes the dynamic of the whole song to give it a frantic punk feel that pushes into their pop sensibilities and takes this song to a whole other level by showing us that the group isn’t afraid to take some out of the box risks within their songwriting. Fraser remains a strong centerpiece to the feel of Stand Atlantic, and “Shh!” further pleads the case that she is one of the genre’s best singers as she bounces her voice off the furthest edges of her incredible range with ease. Though it took me until the second verse to really grab a hold of this one, once I did, I couldn’t get enough of it!

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