Single Review: Troubled Minds - "Vacancy"

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There’s a lot of bands who have created a buzz over the past five years, but Arizona’s Troubled Minds is arguably at the top of the list in the Southwest. Since their 2015 debut Something Worth Saving, they’ve honed in on their indie/emo sound and continued to tweak it in all the right ways, all culminating with their most recent EP, A Call to Anywhere At All. They’ve now returned with their brand-new single “Vacancy,” the first of what they promise to be many singles throughout 2020. The storyline of the lyrics is as straight-forward as a song of this nature could get; moving ahead with your life by first saying goodbye to the people you thought would be along for the whole ride – in other words, breaking up! Lead singer Matt Aldawood tugs you through well-thought out lines that speak volumes such as, “I find myself wishing times we shared could be like a photograph kept on me, something more than memories,” and “I wish you could stay here, I got this vacancy by my side.” And while at times the lyrics lean on the darker side, “But if I never went and severed you off like a limb, how could I go on with pride?,” the band is smart enough to wrap those moments in an ultra-catchy vibe that lessens the blow so-to-speak, but instead keeps you bouncing along without ever losing the listener. What “Vacancy” displays better then any of the group’s previous material is their incredible use of the traditional emo style whenever it’s necessary to capture lyrics that are calling for it, but also their uncanny ability to flip the switch to a catchier pop-punk style when the point needs to be driven home. This flawless balance between the two styles helps to elevate the song to an unpredictable level, which gives this a unique edge that makes you want to hear it again.

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