Single Review: Northvale Feat. Joey Fleming - "Sleepwalking"

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New Jersey has always been a hotbed for great rock music; The Gaslight Anthem, Hidden in Plain View, Midtown, Saves the Day, Senses Fail, and Thursday is just a short list that comes to mind. Sliding comfortably into that mix of great New Jersey music is Northvale and their brand new single “Sleepwalking” – an encouraging anthem for those in broken, toxic relationships that gives them the okay to walk away. The great guitar lick through the intro instantly grabs your attention and has you bouncing with anticipation for what’s about to emanate from your speakers. Joined by Joey Fleming of In Her Own Words (InVogue Records), you’re tugged through raw and honest lines that examine the bubbling reasons that point to it being time to leave the toxic relationship behind; “what’s the point of being honest with you, when I knew all along you’d only lie to me,” I’m driving past your house again, trying to understand if anything that happens here is real,” etc. They expertly toy with a switch in tempo when we ride into the second verse, give us emotionally charged backing screams at perfect moments of the chorus, and add an awesome round robin through the final chorus/outro of the song; one that changes the entire outcome to give it all closure when he switches the hook from, “Sleepwalking into a nightmare” to “Sleepwalking into reality.” Northvale has found a mix of all the perfect ingredients to deliver a song that hits in all the right places, and therefore, make it instantly connect with the listeners who are in the middle of experiencing this very type of relationship and need that good friend to give them the additional push they need to make the right choice!

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