Single Review: Darren Vorel - "Gimme Gimme Content"

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Gimme Gimme Content

Independent Release




Chicago’s a hotbed for great music and art, but it’s rare that one person encompasses all the many aspects of both and delivers each at a top-notch level. Darren Vorel accomplishes this! He’s an incredible all-around artist; creating original pieces of artwork, album covers that includes Showoff’s Midwest Side Story and Plain White T’s American Nights, not to mention great music with The Scissors, That Lying Bitch (TLB), and his latest single “Gimme Gimme Content.” Vorel offers a one-minute and forty-eight second snapshot into the mid-90’s pop punk scene by borrowing from the influential Lookout Records sound of bands such as Mr. T Experience, The Queers, Screeching Weasel, and Squirtgun, and then showering us with modern relevance in the lyrics as he takes on the social media driven world in which we live. The snappy chorus opens the songs, “Gimme gimme content. Gimme shit I don’t need. Gimme gimme content. Gimme more in me feed,” before taking potshots at everything we see posted daily (sometimes hourly) on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – “Online my friends are havin’ fun,” “Here comes that brand I gotta have,” “Check out these kids you never had,” “Check out the girl you’ll never have,” etc. He’s also clever enough to not just make fun of everyone else, but to also take a shot at himself when he states in the bridge, “I can’t keep up I know I must delete, but I’ll be back again.” Whenever new pieces of art come out from an artist such as Vorel, you instantly gravitate towards them with curiosity because you truly never know what you’re going to get from them. When you happen to get a refreshing sound that has you reminiscing on the scene you grew up in, which Vorel has given me with “Gimme Gimme Content,” that’s just a bonus that happily satisfies your original curiosity.

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