Single Review: Sleep On It - "Falling Further Faster"

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Falling Further Faster

Equal Vision Records




Chicago’s pop punk history runs deep. Bands such as Screeching Weasel and The Bollweevils, paved the way for groups like Alkaline Trio, Allister, and Fall Out Boy, while those groups then opened the door for today’s bands such as Sleep On It; who was named one of Billboard magazine’s emerging artists in 2019 and has reached monumental success with their most recent album Pride & Disaster and its three singles, “Under The Moment,” “Hold Your Breathe,” and “After Tonight.” Their brand-new single “Falling Further Faster,” a song that was recorded for Pride & Disaster but surprisingly didn’t make the final cut, opens their next chapter in a BIG way. Simple guitar strumming allows the clean vocals of Zech Pluister to carry the first two lines of the song - “Wish I had something more to say about the weather, but the worlds on fire and we’re waiting for the rain” - before giving way to an ultra-catchy melody that drives you to the bop along chorus. The rest of the song continues to grip you with its high-octane catchiness, as the drums pound out a rhythm that makes you jump alongside guitars which keep you moving. Lyrically, although on the surface this is simple a song of a relationship falling apart, perhaps some will also find it to be a statement on our current society as it continues crumbling down around us; “the worlds on fire and we’re waiting for the rain,” “can we just stay in bed seeking shelter from the storm,” etc. Though the band draws inevitable comparisons to Mayday Parade and the early material of A Day To Remember, Sleep On It’s crisp vocals, slick guitars, and know-how around a modern pop-punk song gives us a band that continues to make the Chicago scene proud.

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