Single Review: Red Weather - "Weight Of The World"

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Weight Of The Worldi

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Virginia’s Hampton Roads scene has been strong since the early 2000’s when local acts like Backside Slappy, Bail Out, Squirt, and Ten Years From Now all played packed venues what seemed like every weekend. That same local scene continues thriving today with a crop of great new bands including Virginia Beach’s Red Weather, who have just released their new song “Weight Of The World.” The song, the first release since their 3-song demo in 2018, showcases the tremendous growth of the band as they tighten up their early 2000’s emo influenced sound and embed it with a refreshing blend of catchy guitars, a rhythm section that pounds the proper emotion into the song, a round robin vocal style (think Taking Back Sunday) through the chorus, and a lead vocal that perfectly captures the frustration of the lyrics. This is simple and to the point as it sings of the feelings you get when you give your everything into helping someone (presumably a better half in this song) carry their burdens, only to have it blow up in your face and bring you to that point where you’re just done. Lead vocalist Tim Ilardi hammers home lines that sees him looking back in hindsight to capture what he always knew, but chose to ignore as he faces his own mirror for blame; “I know that the signs were there from the start but stubborn man that I am, I had a different plan,” “I should have known from the start, I can’t save her from the weight of the world,” and “I can’t live with the weight of the world.” Music always has a trend that defines a generation and there was nothing bigger than groups like Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Story of the Year, or My Chemical Romance in the early part of the 2000’s. While you can safely say that generation needed music like this back then to help cope with life, the truth is, this current generation may need it even more and a band like Red Weather might just be the answer to what they’ve been needing!

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