Single Review: Fall Out Boy feat. Wyclef Jean - "Dear Future Self (Hands Up)"

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Dear Future Self (Hands Up)

Island/DCD2 Records



September 10, 2019 was a memorable day for the world of rock music and for Fall Out Boy fans. Besides announcing that they would be part of the Hella Mega Tour with Green Day, Weezer, and The Interrupters, the group also announced that they’d be releasing Greatest Hits: Believers Never Die – Volume Two this November, and gave us a brand new single “Dear Future Self (Hands Up).” Since bursting onto the punk rock scene with their brand of pop-punk, Fall Out Boy has been bending the genre as far to its outer reaches as possible and blurring the lines between their punk rock background and Top 40 Pop. The same can be said for their new single, a collaboration with Wyclef Jean. The catchy chorus kicks off the song and instantly gets you raising your hands up as instructed to by the opening line. A clap-a-long with groove then pulls you through the first verse as Patrick Stump swaps his unmistakable vocals back and forth with those of Wyclef Jean – who also handles the reggae toned bridge of the song and is very prominently featured throughout and not just relegated to a line here or there. However, it’s the constant changes in the instrumentation from verse to verse, and the overall delivery of each part of the song that pulls this out of the normal songwriting box (verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus-out) and give us what feels like almost three different songs wrapped into one 3 minute, energetic blast. Whereas the first greatest hits package from Fall Out Boy came just as they were going on hiatus, the release of the second volume of hits has an entirely different feel – like it’s meant to get you hyped up for next year’s tour – and “Dear Future Self (Hands Up)” is just the type of pop fueled energetic song to get you dancing with anticipation.


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