Single Review: Scared20 - "Leave It Untitled"

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Leave It Untitled

Independent Release




Growing up in the mid-1990’s when punk rock was breaking on mainstream radio, Green Day was the clear leader of the charge. Their brand of pop-punk was pleasing to the ears, reminiscent of The Ramones, and brought attention to Lookout Records and the similar sounding pop-punk bands they signed. A lot has changed over the past 25 years in the punk rock landscape, but with their new single “Leave It Untitled,” Scared20 shows us that a lot has also stayed the same. Initially earning attention with their 2017 debut EP More Punk Than Pop, “Leave It Untitled” comes out on heels of their buzzworthy 2019 single “To the New Kids” and delivers a refreshingly classic Lookout Records sound, that fuses together with all the right touches of today to give it a modern pop-punk edge. This is catchy, upbeat, and delivers a sing along chorus that comes complete with “Whoa oh’s.” However, as much comparison as this song has drawn to Dookie era Green Day (not a bad thing), the lyrics are more reminiscent of Screeching Weasel’s “What We Hate” in that they sing of becoming the very thing that you’re fighting against; in this case, the bullied kid becoming the bully as we hear on lines such as “when you fall back down, we smile when your face hits the ground,” “when you see my face, hope you get that kind of hell you’re always hiding from,” etc. With new music already released in 2020 from New Found Glory, All Time Low, Sleep On It, Stand Atlantic, and Knuckle Puck, pop-punk is clearly putting it’s best foot-forward and stamping down the idea that 2020 will be the year that pop-punk re-emerges to the forefront of the scene; And when it does, Scared20 is going to be right there to help carry the weight of it to the masses!

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