Single Review: No Parents - "Middleground"

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The pop-punk genre has always been attractive to me, if not for the catchy songs then for the relatable lyrics that have the uncanny ability to resonate with us at different stages of our life. With their new single “Middleground,” the first from the EP of the same name, No Parents deliver a modern era pop-punk song the carries a simple, age-old story of guy wants girl, guy pines over girl, guy doesn’t get the girl. Wrapped around catchy guitar licks and a rhythm section providing a beat that makes you bop along; Zoe Reign delivers vocals with just enough desperate emotion in his voice to uphold the lyrics. Most of the time the lyrics border on the typical insecurities that every teenage boy has faced before when they like a girl with lines such as, “My heart is racing, I’m rearranging my plans, just to make you mine” and “I would love to know everything about her, what’s the point in wasting time.” There are some uniquely interesting switches whereas verse #2 doesn’t sound exactly the same as the first, and also in the bridge where an echo effect is placed on the vocals as they charge with frantic anxiety to the final line of the song where he finally blurts out his wishes to her, “or maybe even give me a shot?” This song is everything that the pop-punk genre is all about. It’s catchy, it makes you sing along with it, and it’s perfectly relatable to the core fan base of the genre. More importantly then any of that though, it acts as a great introduction to getting you pumped up for the rest of the EP making this a solid choice for lead single.

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