Single Review: Everlit - "Through the Seams"

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Through the Seams

Independent Release




Hard rock group Everlit has really been able to carve their path and find a solid fanbase over the past year. “Afterglow,” “Unbreakable,” and “Immortal” gave us their signature modern rock sound and amassed over 20K views each on YouTube – the latter has also earned over 172K streams on Spotify. But in late 2019 they showed us a different card with the release of “Oh, Erica” - a song which still leaned some on the familiar shred of the guitars, but also toned things down at times to showcase their incredible growth as songwriters and give us a taste of what was still to come. Their next chapter opens with “Through the Seams” - a much slower paced song when compared to their previous releases, that also sees them eliminating the shredding guitars and replacing them with a much moodier vibe. By being softer paced and mostly using the instrumentation only as accompaniment, it forces Ryan Panfil’s voice to the forefront where it’s tasked with holding the song through its lyrics as he sings of the day-to-day routine putting a wedge in his relationship and yearning for what it used to be while thinking of ways to pull it back, slow it down, and rediscover each other; “why not travel,” “we could stay up sharing voices from what we have dreamed,” “Get lost in ourselves do the things that make me and you,” etc. Their lyrics are top-notch and continues to showcase their growth as songwriters with cleverly worded lines such as when their relationship growing apart is compared to “burning like a wick that needs the flame.” “Through the Seams” is a bit of a step in a new direction for Everlit, but only if you haven’t been paying much attention. On the heels of what they gave us with “Oh, Erica,” this song feels more like a logical, natural progression that allows them to open a broader reach within the modern rock realm.

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