Single Review: Go For Gold - "At Home"

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At Home

InVogue Records




Go For Gold seemingly came out of nowhere when they released their single “Let Me Go” earlier this year. Slick guitars, Spencer Vinson perfectly using his voice to capture the feel of the lyrics, and an infectious melody all combined to have us to declaring that the group was about to arrive! With their new single, “At Home,” they continue to display their modern pop-punk sound as they give us our first feel of what to expect from their upcoming EP. Whereas “Let Me Go” frustratingly begged to be let out of a relationship that the better half wasn’t fully invested in, “At Home” follows a route that continues in the aftermath of that breakup and the confusing emotional spiral that follows. Outlining the affects it’s having on him, Vinson runs you through all his feelings; “I’m going back and forth with the thoughts that keep me in my head,” “I just want to get some sleep,” and also lamenting on how the coming apart of picture frames holding their photos is wrecking everything that makes him who he is. He asks himself the toughest questions throughout the chorus and second verse such as, “What’s the point of living with no feeling?” and “would it have even made a difference if I decide to listen to you?” There’s no real resolve to any of it, but such is life when dealing with a breakup. Where Go For Gold gets clever in their lyrics, though, comes as we wind down the song and they repeatedly sing the line, “I don’t feel at all in my head anymore,” which in it’s own unique way is the admittance to himself that something is wrong – the first step to fixing whatever issue we’re facing. I always say that a band can impress you with the first song you hear from them, but it’s what they do after the initial WOW factor wears off that will define them. “At Home” gives us all the characteristics of Go For Gold’s modern pop-punk background, but blurs those genre lines with the early 2000’s emo feel that these lyrics are calling for. This know-how in their songwriting approach gives them a big step into an exciting direction that adds that much more fuel to the anticipation of what’s still to come from their new EP this spring.


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