Single Review: Slowtrip - "Fold and Run"

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Fold and Run

Anchor Eighty Four Records




Since releasing their debut EP Blur, Los Angeles based rock group Slowtrip has been turning heads with their brand of post-grunge, alternative. With the release of “Fold and Run,” the group which features members of Rotting Out and The Greenery, takes the next step forward as they further dive into perfecting their own unique sound and separating it from their hardcore background. The guitars are everything you’d expect from a post-grunge inspired sound – loud and melodic when they need to be such as in the intro and during the final build to the chorus, but delegated more to the background when they need to be so that the lyrics can shine. Without ever coming flat out and saying it in their lyrics, they deliver a much need reminder that lying to ourselves to convince us that we, and our lives, are better they may appear (ahem; see any given person’s social media for more details on this) is only a path to inner destruction. Several lines of the song will leap through speakers and grab the attention of those it needs to as he sings about discovering and understanding the inner truths and battles, “I’m overthinking everything,” “I’m lying to myself, always blaming someone else,” or “I’d feel better if I felt nothing.” It’s one thing for a band to offer a sound that resonates with listeners and contains a melody that can grab your attention, but it’s a completely other thing for them to take that sound and wrap it around a message that has something thought-provoking to say that can reach out and potentially change someone. That is exactly what Slowtrip has done with “Fold and Run.”


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