Single Review: Fit For A King - "Breaking The Mirror"

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Breaking The Mirror

Solid State




The question always asked amongst the music industry is how does a band move their sound forward while trying their best not to alienate their fans? With their new single “Breaking the Mirror,” Fit For A King sets out to answer that question. They waste no time getting right into things as the guitars instantly wrap around you and pull you into the pounding of the drums as they slap you into the vocals. The guitar riffs harken back to the early days of heavy metal in that they are big and slick at times, but they also pick their moments to dig into the here and now to offer something grittier. But it’s the lyrics and Ryan Kirby’s way of wrapping his sometimes scream/sometimes clean vocals into them that elevates the song as he encompasses the frustration and anger of looking back on your past as you step away from it and let it go. The catchiness of the chorus breathes fresh air into the song, and coincidently, the new life in front of him as the lyrics declare the past will no longer define the next chapter; “I’m letting go of my failures, erasing the anchor,” “I’m letting go of the past now,” and “I’m breaking the mirror down.” This all couples with their outstanding ability to build in the perfect moments for audience participation, such as in the bridge when they repeat “Hey Hey Hey” and give you a fist pumping moment behind it. In an era where it’s so easy to get trapped in your past and allow it to define you, Fit For A King steps out of those chains to deliver something encouraging and hopeful that lets you know it’s okay to leave it behind and move forward with vigor. While this song may be a cleaner, more radio-friendly step out of the normal comfort zone of Fit For A King’s metalcore style, what “Breaking The Mirror” clearly showcases is a band elevating their sound and evolving into their next chapter.

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