Single Review: New Found Glory - "Nothing To Say"

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Nothing To Say

Hopeless Records




When pop-punk veterans New Found Glory released “Greatest of All Time” last month, they not only gave us our first look at their 10th studio album Forever + Ever x Infinity (due out in May 2020), but boldly revealed that old is new again as they offered a pop-punk sound very reminiscent of their early, most classic releases. Their brand-new single “Nothing to Say” follows a similar path. This song wastes no time on a long, drawn out intro, as Jordan Pundik’s unmistakable voice instantly pulls you into the song singing it’s chorus; “Trying to cut me off at the knees, but no one’s getting in my way…” By starting the song this way, it forces the guitars to showcase their know-how as they catch up with the melody and wrap around you; gripping you tightly into the ultra-catchy song. This carries the familiar, distinctive feel that we’d expect from the signature sound of New Found Glory as it pulls all the elements of their pop-punk past into a melodic punk rock style reminiscent of the mid-1990’s. However, while its catchiness gets you bouncing along with it, it’s the lyrics that deliver the knockout punch to take this to another level. They sing of that Debbie Downer (yep, a SNL reference) that every group of friend’s has - the one who’s always negative no matter the situation. They throw out warning signs as to how this person is unsupportive when you find your relationship match (“when they find their one, you wanna hand out poison apples”) and how they talk bad about you when you aren’t around (“spreading lies like a disease, but you can’t say it to my face”), but they also wisely expose reasons why you need to distance yourself from them before their negativity seeps into you; “you don’t support us,” “don’t project on me your insecurities,” etc. 2020 is clearly the right time and place for meaningful, catchy pop-punk to re-emerge to the forefront of the punk rock scene, and as it does, New Found Glory is proving with each new single that they’re standing at the ready to carry its flag ahead!

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