Single Review: The Dollyrots - "Make Me Hot"

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Make Me Hot

Wicked Cool Records




With their 2019 album Daydream Explosion, The Dollyrots gave us many memorable tracks including “Animal,” “Everything,” and “I Know How To Party,” earned a heavy-helping of stellar reviews, and continued to further brand themselves as one of pop-punk’s elite – something they’ve been doing for two decades now! Most importantly, though, the album made whatever was going to come from them next that much more anticipated. With their new single “Make Me Hot,” they meet that anticipation head on and deliver an amazing start to their next chapter. 5 seconds of an infectious bass line at the start of the song is all it takes to get you intrigued, as it tugs you into a simple, soft guitar that allows the vocals of front woman Kelly Ogden to leap to the forefront of the song as she leads you through a toned-down verse and right into the punch of the chorus when the band fully kicks in behind her. Lyrically, this is a “guarding my heart, only to fall hard for you” type of song that uses cleverly worded lines to outline the anxiety you face when you’re trying to fight your heart with questions that ask things such as, “who is awake in my house?” and “can you release the pressure valve?” However, as much as this song gives us the catchy, pop-punk that we’ve come to expect from The Dollyrots, it also takes some turns to give us something fresh, exciting, and unexpected as we roll into the bridge toward the end of the song. Rather than being just another typical, pining after someone idea, the bridge reveals that they’ve already been together; “cause when touch under the blankets and then the sun kisses our faces.” The Dollyrots have released a solid single in “Make Me Hot” as it totally plays off what we heard from them on Daydream Explosion last year, but also still manages to take their classic sound and move it forward. There’s no doubt that 2020 is already shaping up to be a tremendous year for pop-punk, and The Dollyrots are clearly going to play a major role in its re-emergence with “Make Me Hot.”

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