Single Review: Rotting Out - "Stones"

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The California hardcore punk scene has always been synonymous for being one that’s brutal, brash, and straight to the point without sugarcoating anything. It’s been 7 years and a whole slew of life lessons learned since their last album, but LA’s Rotting Out has returned with a vengeance. They’ve already given us a taste of what we can expect from their upcoming album Ronin (due out April 10, 2020) with their singles “Reaper” and “Unforgiven,” and now they’re back to give a bold middle finger to the poser on “Stones.” The new single is everything you’d want from a true hardcore band; speed metal infused style that encourages you to jump in the pit and let go, changes to the pacing that brings a chunky headbanging drive to the chorus, and pure brutal honesty. Walter Delgado spits out the lyrics with all the piss and vinegar needed to suit them as he sings to the people he saw first-hand in the scene pretending to be from the ghetto (something they’re not, but he is) and glorifying it. He directly calls them out as he screams lines such as, “I’m poking holes in your story, the fact is you don’t know,” “what do you know about long nights in a small box,” etc. His emotions build to an angry frustration as he slaps them with straight forward lines such as, “fuck you and fuck your friends too,” and “when I confront you, you’ll have forgotten how to speak! Coward!” This song is 100% aggressive, but that’s exactly what it needs to be in order to drive home the raw feelings wrapped up in the lyrics. Just like the LA hardcore groups who paved the way before them, Rotting Out is completely unapologetic and knows exactly who they are. “Stones” is another song that clearly showcases this!

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