Single Review: Broadside - "Foolish Believer"

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Foolish Believer

SharpTone Records




Late last year Broadside gave fans “King Of Nothing” and “Empty” to hold them over as they were readying their next chapter. Little did we know it then, but their next chapter didn’t only include new music, but also making a switch from their longtime label home of Victory Records over to SharpTone Records. Upon the announcement of the label change, they’ve also opened their next musical chapter with the release of their brand-new single “Foolish Believer.” The familiar style of their guitars and rhythmic drums hit you initially through the intro as they tug you to the verse, but the instrumentation quickly steps to the background and allows Oliver Baxxter plenty of room to take over with his vocals prior to beginning the build that slaps you into the sing-a-long chorus. Though the instrumentation is crisp and delivers all the proper punches, even taking risky movements through the structure of the bridge, this song is driven by the lyric! This focuses on the relatable, empty feeling that we all experience from time to time that convinces us that we aren’t making enough of a difference in the world to be remembered. However, where this veers into an exciting direction is that the lyrics don’t allow him to stay down, and instead, sees him searching for that someplace inside that tells you to keep pushing and stay strong through the storms; “praying for the answers to my pain,” “I won’t lose my faith,” “I need your love, cause I’ve sold all mine.” Baxxter delivers these lines with the type of conviction that can only come from that vulnerable place deep down inside, making each line carry the honesty it needs. While “Foolish Believer” follows suit with what we’ve come to know from Broadside in many ways, that doesn’t damper the fact that this is a great opening to their next chapter that leaves us anticipating more!

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