Single Review: Future Misters - "Tension"

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Since they initially formed in 2017, indie rock group Future Misters have experienced several lineup changes, but not before releasing their first two EP’s (Around for the Wrong Time, Not The Long Time and Potato Blimp to Mars) and stamping their name down as “one to watch.” After more shakeups within their lineup during the summer of 2019, the group now seems to have found the perfect mix of ingredients and is ready to re-emerge and further uphold their status as “one to watch” with their new single “Tension.” “Feel that good old-fashioned tension, feel the sweat build in your hand,” begins the lyrics as you’re sucked into an upbeat song that carries a feel reminiscent of the lo-fi, garage rock era of bands such as The Hives, Jet, and The White Stripes. The lyrics walk on the mischievous side as they tempt you to come along for the ride while they find something to get into in their little town, all while exposing slight pieces of who he is, “the devil came and bought me, paying half the price.” The second verse brings a bit of a different feel to the song as it changes just enough of the melody to allow room for the vocals to be a little bit snottier and lean more into their classic punk rock influenced side. The great blend of clean and dirty guitar tones throughout the bridge also kicks in a different feel that will transcend you back in time to the 1960’s and it’s more dangerous side of rock-n-roll ala bands such as The Rolling Stones or The Kinks. In just a little over 3 minutes, Future Misters have given us something to be excited about with “Tension.” The song is gritty, raw, dangerous, dirty, and everything that a great rock song is supposed to be. So, now that they’ve re-stamped their name as “one to watch,” we can only hope that this is just the first glimpse into more still to come!

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