Single Review: Nude Shoes - "Billy’s Here, Love, I’ve Got to Go"

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Billy’s Here, Love, I’ve Got to Go

Independent Release




We all go through tough times in life; whether they’re brought on by circumstances that swirl around us and make us feel like we’re losing control, or by the things that are completely out of our control that we’re trying to grasp as we lose them. Andy Katz, front man of New Jersey based Nude Shoes, knows about these types of circumstances all too well. They’re exactly what led to Suburban Ceremonies - their ultra-personal, debut EP in 2019. The group now returns with another deeply personal tune, “Billy’s Here, Love, I’ve Got to Go,” as they give us our first taste of their new music. The melodic punk fueled guitars immediately grab you and knock you through the intro, tossing you into the opening verse with riffs that lean into, and often challenge, the intensity of the drums. This guitar onslaught is the first thing about the song that grips your focus, but it’s the post-punk infused vocals of Katz that draws you into the powerful lyrics as he sings of the emotional struggles that come in the aftermath of losing someone from your life and how it alters everything; “I can feel the weight that you have left,” “I don’t feel the same about my life anymore,” etc. Though this is mostly a straight-forward song that leans on the standard formulas of songwriting, there are slight nuisances that catch us completely off guard such as the momentary production scratch in the bridge. Katz puts all the proper emotions into the lyrics, but he leaves them wide open to interpretation by never truly focusing on the how’s and why’s as to describing how he lost that person from his life and was left feeling this way. This cleverly allows you to connect your own personal story of loss to the song and gives it that much more power to connect. This tackles the normal confusions and anxiety that we face in the times like these, and acts as a strong comfort for anyone dealing with a struggle in the very moment that they need a song like this to say you’re not alone. (artwork photo by: Kris Khunachak)

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