Single Review: Julia Bhatt - "Miami"

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Every so often an artist comes along that pulls you out of your normal comfort zone and makes you perk up and listen. For me, that artist is Julia Bhatt! I’m a rocker from the alternative 90’s and a punk that grew up listening to a healthy diet of pop-punk, but Bhatt has managed to pull me into an indie-pop world that I don’t normally visit. With her latest single “Miami,” which follows the previously released “I’m Cool,” “Marco,” and “Tall,” she gives us a tropical tilted pop gem that shines a light on her hometown of Miami; its attitude, its experience, and its whole nine yards. The song steadily builds to an irresistible, bop-a-long with melody that makes you move, groove, and dance along with it, while the slight pause of the instrumentation at the start of the outro chorus allows plenty of room for your clapping to provide the momentary rhythm. But at the center of all this swirling all around you is Bhatt’s ultra-unique vocals as she outlines what living in Miami is truly like; And it honestly doesn’t sound much different then living here in Nashville, because when she sings the line “In Miami, everyone’s from everywhere” - we feel that! Julia Bhatt continuously proves with the release of each song that she’s a player in the music game that keeps her hand held close to her chest, and she surprises us with a twist that we couldn’t have possibly predicted with each new card that she reveals. Her blending of so many different styles and influences gives each song the opportunity to stand out on its own – “Miami” being no different – but while no two of her singles have sounded completely alike, her songwriting prowess gives each song a distinct signature that allows her vocals to sit at the center of them and make them all gel together perfectly. (Artwork by Julia’s sister, Anna)

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