Single Review: Lowborn (Ft. VISTA) - "Light Me Up"

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Light Me Up

Independent Release




While there’s a distinctive feel of the modern, electro-alternative scene, there’s also uniqueness within each artist that makes them individuals. With their new single “Light Me Up,” the follow-up to “Cry” and “I Want Out,” Lowborn takes the electronica based feel that we got from those singles and smashes it into industrial like tendencies to elevate it to a different height, which then gets kicked up another notch thanks to the collaboration with fellow electronic based alternative group, VISTA. The synth heavy instrumentation that leads us through the intro, pulls back and allows front man Wes Lauterback to carry us through the verses as he uses his voice to drag us into the chorus. The slight pause, just before the chorus kicks in, gives us that extra moment of anticipation for when he comes back into the fold with, “you never shoulda handed me the matches…” Hope Vista’s vocal prowess brings a new dynamic to the song in the second verse when she delivers the proper shot of darkness that the lyric calls for. However, in the middle of that darkness, you find a song all about redemption; a song about overcoming the negativity people bring to your life and throwing it back in their face (metaphorically) when you succeed despite them. This is a cleverly written song in many ways. The lyrics tend to use darker, more destructive comparatives of being fueled by the negativity to that of burning them and their whole world down (figuratively). There are also moments done intentionally within the instrumentation to allow Vista and Lauterbach’s voices to flawlessly blend, sometimes almost to a whisper, and deliver a certain degree of eeriness to the lyrics. It’s these slight nuisances that allows “Light Me Up” to still hold that very distinctive feel of the genre category Lowborn slides into, but to also proudly stand on its own.

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