Single Review: Seven Spies - "Chameleon"

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Any debut single needs to achieve a few simple things; It needs to get the listener’s attention, introduce all the different attributes the band has to offer, and most importantly, it absolutely must leave the listener wanting more! That’s exactly what we get from “Chameleon,” the debut single from London based Seven Spies. The fuzz of the guitars through the 25-second intro gives the song an indie rock credibility that leans towards a grungy atmosphere, but it’s the “oh oh oh’s” sung repeatedly over this that enwrap you and peaks your initial interest. Once hooked, David Blomiley delivers the punch as he utilizes his incredible vocals to weave us through layered harmonies and stand toe to toe with the crunch of the melody. Lyrically, this focuses on the struggles we face as we battle ourselves while protecting the facade that we create to hide what’s really going on inside of our heads from others for fear of their judgement. However, the chorus takes the lyric to an entirely different place - a punk attitude if you will - that allows us to be okay with being who you’re meant to be despite what those around you may think or say. There’s tilts in both the instrumentation and production that lean into the late 1990’s industrial sound as this song progresses, but they never fully step over that line. Likewise, there’s plenty of electronic experimenting going on underneath their otherwise alternative kissed indie sound that adds a layer of excitement to the dynamic – think of what bands like Garbage were doing as they progressed from album to album. Digging past the already mentioned things that a band needs from a debut single, “Chameleon” also delivers exactly what else Seven Spies needs it to. There’s a certain degree of familiarity wrapped within its sound that makes it instantly attractive to our ears, but it completely delves into all their own little touches at the perfect spots to give this a unique flare.

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