Single Review: Three Cheers Too Late - "Home Again"

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Home Again

Independent Release



Three Cheers Too Late exploded onto the scene in 2019 with their debut EP Don’t Expect Me. Their modern edged, pop-punk songs “Kicked In” and “Misplaced” earned them high praise from several media outlets and immediately launched them into the category of buzzworthy band. However, their new single “Home Again” will take them to even bigger heights. The song pulls straight from the real-life emotions faced by vocalist Anthony Santiago’s after losing his grandmother last November. Opening line of the song (and chorus), “If home is where my heart is, then my heart is dead,” instantly hits you right in your heart as we’ve all experienced this exact emotional state. The slower paced start of the instrumentation smartly allows the lyrics to encompass you and pull you into the song, before the drive of the guitars kicks in and leans into the intense pounding of the drums. As the song progresses, the balance between the instrumentation, the vocal delivery, and the lyrics is incredible. They perfectly use the pace of the melody to wrap around each verse and enhance the confusion, sadness, and frustration as they follow a frantic pace at all the right moments, but lean on the production to drop into an echo-like, far-off loneliness in the chorus. An unexpected, though very realistic panic, is also weaved into the spewing of the specific lines, “never felt this bad, drowning in the deep end.” Grief is a very tough subject to tackle as no two people grieve in the same way. Some move on quickly and face the new day, others struggle hour to hour, while others feel constantly displaced within their own walls since everything has now changed. On “Home Again,” Three Cheers Too Late manages to grab hold of all the familiar feelings we each experience while grieving, and delivers them with the raw honesty that makes us feel like we’re there with our shoulder available to comfort a longtime friend. (Artwork by: nevergladart)

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