Single Review: Wyldlife - "Automatic"

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With their previous single “Kiss and Tell,” Wyldlife gave us a brash rock-n-roll style that we compared with the late 1970’s garage rock sound of the CBGB stage, smashing together with bands such as The Strokes, The Hives, and Jet. On “Automatic,” the second glimpse of their upcoming album Year Of The Snake (due out April 17, 2020), the NYC punk/rock-n-roll band gives us a slightly different look. Tapping into an influence from The Jesus and Mary Chain – the track’s named after their 1989 album that featured their #1 song “Blues From A Gun” - Wyldlife pulls back their rowdy guitars to mostly offer a simple strum that allows the space needed for the melody and Dave Feldman’s vocals to hold you in the song. Lyrically, “Automatic” is written for a florist friend of Feldman’s (coincidently, a shop that he himself works at every Valentine’s Day) and follows us through a cleverly worded song that compares love’s ups and downs with the obvious emotions that get drawn up due to working at a flower shop – the quintessential place where romance blooms; “young lovers come and go, I can’t take it more than half of the time,” “I take orders open to close, but which one of you is gonna take mine,” “Say it with flowers, say you’re sorry, save some romance,” etc. The addition of harmony vocals from Sasha Cibic adds an entirely new dynamic to the song as the female touch breathes a contrasting emotion to the heartstring pull of the lyric. Whereas the brash, rock-n-roll we got from “Kiss and Tell” was certainly ear popping and made us jam along, “Automatic” makes us listen up while showcasing Wyldlife’s stellar abilities to create a middle of the road rock-n-roll song that relies heavy on making us envision the vivid pictures they paint with the lyrics.

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