Single Review: Anytime Soon - "End of an Era"

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End of an Era

Independent Release




Life hits you hard when you least expect it to. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all bad, but change is never easy, even when it’s the common, everyday things such as moving to a new house, friends leaving, the inevitability of growing up, and so forth on so on. Dealing with the emotions of these life changes are exactly what pop-punk group Anytime Soon tackle on their new single “End of an Era” - the lead single from their forthcoming EP (tentatively due out summer of 2020) and first new music since their 2018 release Pandora Songs. The subtle, acoustic strumming as the song opens allows the vocals and lyrics to be in the forefront and set the tone as Mitch Evans delivers the line, “I’m 25 and all my friends left, maybe I should too.” This crossroads type of “what should I do now that everything has changed” thinking in the lyrics leads us down a nostalgic path while perfectly allowing us inside his head to be a part of his thoughts as the song progresses. As the guitar kicks in with a slick riff that leaps out of your speakers, it slaps you into the fury of the vocals as Evans looks back on the used to be’s by singing in the chorus “late night, drunk fights, and Netflix on the couch,” lamenting on the truths with lines such as “You knew that someday, we’d all have to change,” and facing the mirror and his own life decisions (in this case being in a band) by transparently singing, “Bigger stages, less frustrations, it’s not crystal clear.” The lyrics are super relatable as we all experience changes in life, and Anytime Soon captures the exact emotions we feel when everything bubbles over and hits you all at once. They wrap the honesty of the vocals into a modern pop-punk melody that further enhances the lyrics at all the right moments. 2020 has taken a very weird turn right now thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but with bands like New Found Glory, All Time Low, and Bowling For Soup releasing new music, it’s also crystal clear that it’s the year pop-punk moves back to the forefront and brings bands like Anytime Soon along with it.

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