Single Review: Stand Atlantic - "Hate Me (Sometimes)"

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Hate Me (Sometimes)

Hopeless Records




Someone recently asked me why I liked pop-punk music so much. I responded with the run-down of all the things that attract me to it: catchy guitars, killer melodies, and lyrics that you can grab hold of and sing-along with after only hearing the song a time or two. These are the qualities, and then some, that Stand Atlantic brings to our speakers with their brand new single “Hate Me (Sometimes),” the first taste of new music since their debut album Skinny Dipping was released this time last year. The catchy bounce of the instrumentation will instantly grab you as the overall poppy feel will have you bopping along and all that good stuff, while the outstanding leads from Bonnie Fraser pull you into the song and demand that you listen. However, once you’ve gotten that feel-good side out of the way, dig a little further into the lyrics and you’ll discover the true gem. Tucked underneath all the upbeat fun is a depth-filled lyric that takes this song to a thought-provoking level. Cut and dry – this is all about the walls we build around ourselves and how we use them to push away what comes into our life (even the good things), but it’s crafted in such a wonderful way that you can only discover it when you start to dissect lines such as: “I set fires so deliberately, til I taste the smoke on every part of me,” “Though I don’t need your help, you should probably save yourself,” or in the chorus, “You come and go just like the bones I’m breaking.” An unexpected acoustic outro strips everything back for the final 50 seconds of the song and showcases the absolute emotion of Fraser’s powerful voice and adds another layer toward sealing the deal on why “Hate Me (Sometimes)” is one of the best songs of the fall 2019!

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