Single Review: Blitz Vega - "Lost and Found"

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Lost and Found

This Feeling




Anytime that a member of a legendary band breaks out with a new project we get excited; whether it’s someone like Mick Jones with Big Audio Dynamite, John Lydon with Public Image LTD, or Andy Rourke (The Smiths) and Kav (former Happy Monday’s) with their new act Blitz Vega. The duo has already earned critical acclaim and several accolades with the release of their first song “Hey Christo.” They now return with “Lost & Found,” a song that is every bit autobiographical of their musical journey, as it is motivational to anyone chasing their own goals. Wrapped into a moody brit-pop feel that smashes together with elements of post-punk, garage rock, and slight hints of electronica, Blitz Vega offers lyrics that are insightful as they sing of discovering the answers to the many layers of your path with lines such as, “so much more to learn, searching for wisdom in the lost & found,” or “looking for answers in the books I read.” The chorus, albeit simple, serves its purpose as encouragement in the toughest of times to either oneself who’s looking in the mirror, or to the person listening to the song that needs that extra shot of hope; “won’t let it, won’t let it, it won’t take me apart.” Whenever someone that’s already had monumental success, such as Andy Rourke and Kav, decides to come together and create something new, fresh, and exciting, it’s coming from a place of pure passion. “Lost & Found” is Blitz Vega candidly opening a page of their journey - the ups, downs, struggles, and in-betweens - and masterfully connecting pieces of it with everyone’s story.

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