Single Review: Adam Simpson - "The Man On The News (Live)"

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The Man On The News

Independent Release




There’s no doubt that we’re in the middle of scary times right now with the entire world dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Most everywhere is still on lockdown, and anywhere that’s slowly re-opening (such as here in Nashville) is awkwardly trying to navigate what has become the current norm. UK based singer/songwriter Adam Simpson taps into the madness through pure emotions on his new song “The Man On The News.” When we last heard from Simpson, it was through his ultra-positive “It’s A Wonderful Life!” on which gave us an encouraging message to keep on keepin’ on. This new song shows us a completely different side of emotions as Simpson muses, “when will it be okay?” He talks of where his life is at while on quarantine, describing it as moving “slow as a stroll.” But it’s his ability as a songwriter to take his personal feelings and create them in such a way that his message reaches everyone. He mentions how this is affecting everything from schools and wages, to new television programs not being filmed for us to watch as a cure to our boredom. He also touches on how it doesn’t matter who you are or where your lot in life is when it comes to being affected by it - big man, small man, silent man, spotlight, sideshow, etc. As the song progresses, his vocal delivery also builds in frustration which perfectly captures the emotional rollercoaster that we’re all on whenever we tune into the news and press conferences only to continually receive no straight answers from our leaders as to when this will all end and return to normal. By giving this song to us as only a live, acoustic version, it holds the emotion of the lyric at the forefront without being overshadowed by wild instrumentation and studio tricks. It’s this necessary rawness that helps this song hit you in the feels.

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