Single Review: Vision Video - "In My Side/Inked In Red"

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In My Side/Inked in Red

Independent Release




Whenever a band taps into real-life experiences and brings them to their music, the listener is rewarded with raw honesty that can only come from that certain someplace deep inside. That’s the case with Vision Video, the Athens, GA based band who’ve recently given us their debut 7” single “In My Side,” and its B-side “Inked In Red.” Front man/guitarist Dusty Gannon served in the US Army in Afghanistan and is now out on the frontline as a paramedic and firefighter. These experiences are certainly weaved into these two tunes – especially the B-side. Sonically, both songs walk a line that screams out their influence of 1980’s UK alternative groups such as The Cure, as both carry a dark and moody feel that fuses with synth pop elements. “In My Side” leans on darker lyrics that take us into the middle of a toxic relationship that your drawn to even though you know it’s not healthy; “your words are sharp, the way they cut into my skin,” “your shadows are chasing my steps and steadily I run out of breath,” etc. As cleverly poetic as the verses are, the chorus hits right to the point with simplicity as Gannon snarls out, “I feel your knife in my back. I can feel your knife in my side.” However, “Inked In Red” is an ultra-personal song that Gannon has described as one about finding meaning in post-war life, but at its core it’s about searching for yourself after any monumental change in life and coming up empty as your feeling trapped in the uncertainty of stepping into your next; “Each way I turn I’m searching for the guiding light,” “I am left here wondering when I’ll leave this place,” etc. The female harmony from keyboardist Emily Fredock laced throughout the song adds another dynamic to enhance specific lines. Vision Video has given us two songs that walk similar paths sound-wise, but each also gives us their own unique nuisances to excitedly showcase what we might expect down the road on whatever layer they peel away for us to discover about them next. (Cover Art by Ryan Dunn)

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