Single Review: First and Forever - "In Loving Memory"

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In Loving Memory

Adventure Cat Records




The music landscape always goes through seismic shifts; Take 2005 for example. If you, like us, were standing in front of a Warped Tour stage that summer, it wasn’t uncommon to see pop-punk groups such as Mest and Fall Out Boy lean into a darker tone as they were smashed between emo bands like Hawthorne Heights, Senses Fail, and My Chemical Romance. This is the era that new Adventure Cat Records signees First and Forever pull influence from on their latest single “In Loving Memory.” Hitting on all the necessary hot button words and themes for a song of this nature, First and Forever pulls you through lines in the verses such as “it’s in my head, it’s like a sickness,” “I can hear the echoes screaming,” and “I’m getting out, I’m getting closure.” However, the chorus is where they truly hammer this home as it captures the groups unbridled energy and gives the listener the chance to scream along as Alex Ryan sings, “My chest, your knife, I know what’s on your mind, cut me open look inside, t-t-t-tell me what you find…” After having already heard those specific lines twice in the song, the band pulls you through the bridge and slaps you into the outro chorus where they drop the instrumentation to the background over those few lines, which tells us they had an audience participation moment in mind when writing this as you can easily visualize a crowd throwing a fist in the air and taking the reins. Whereas many of today’s bands slant an influence towards this style, they also usually use slick production and pop sensibilities to fit it safely inside the modern era’s comfort zone. First and Forever refreshingly steps outside of that box and delivers something that excitedly sounds like a song that we somehow overlooked back in the day. Couple the excitement we already have for this song with the rumors that a few more singles are still to come, and we’re super stoked to see what the future holds for First and Forever.

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