Single Review: Fame on Fire Ft. POORSTACY - "Headspace"

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Hopeless Records



In the digital age, bands work harder - and quite a bit more uniquely - to grab someone’s attention. Whether they were covering Linkin Park, The Chainsmokers, Nirvana, Adele, or The Weekend, Fame on Fire certainly found their niche to piquing our interest. But with their debut album Levels (out 9/4/2020 on Hopeless Records) now on the horizon, they stand to prove they aren’t just a cover act and were only tickling our fancy with a heavy dose of all their influences so we’d be ready when they struck out with “Headspace,” their brand-new single and first look at the forthcoming album. The slow build of the quick, 10-second intro perfectly brings you into the drive of the opening chorus before dropping you into atmospheric feel of the verses. There’s a crunch of guitars wrapped in frustration during the pre-chorus where lead vocalist Bryan Kuznitz sings, “just shake it off, told me not to let go…” before it slaps you with the punch of the chorus that has you bouncing your arm up and down through the air as you sing along with the irresistibly catchy vibe, “In my headspace, I feel like I’m nothing, Am I dead weight? Everything around me…” POORSTACY, who’s normally unfairly lumped into the rap/hip-hop category as his sound fits best alongside the late-90’s push of bands like Crazytown, smoothly sides into his role and elevates the song to a different feel when he takes hold of the second verse. Fame on Fire leans heavily into a modern alternative feel on “Headspace,” but they cleverly twist in just enough of their pop know how to deliver a song that hits on the heavy grind, while still retaining its extreme catchiness to help draw you into it.

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